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Testimonials from Everyday Users

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Note that all statements regarding health testimonials are reflections of personal experiences and are not meant to imply that you will receive similar results.
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Testimonials from Everyday Users

Amazing! That is what I think about the QRS! I had a complete hysterectomy. It was very helpful for controlling my pain as well as to shorten the healing process about 50%. I had also been having trouble sleeping through the night before using the QRS. Now I sleep the whole night through!”

Hysterectomy, Pain, and Insomnia - Linda Hanson

“I have had JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) for over 25 years. By using the QRS daily for six months, Ive noticed much less pain and more energy, especially in my feet. Walking is much easier now since I have been using the QRS.”

JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) - M. M. (Age 40, Las Vegas, NV)

“Since using the QRS mat I am in a lot less pain. My bone density has improved after using the mat for three months plus being on HRT. It is great to have a good nights sleep. I no longer need to take anti-inflammatory medication.”

Pain, bone density, sleep - W.R.S.

“I received my QRS in April and started on setting 3 and increased the setting by one each week. The swelling in my hands has gone down by half. Swelling in my feet must have gone down because they feel quite a bit better. When walking I am able to stretch out and walk faster and better. I am feeling more energetic and not so stressed.”

Rheumatoid Arthritis for 30 years Mrs. M. Carkeek

“Since beginning QRS I have had immediate and sustained increase in energy. I now have 2-3 more hours per day of functional energy. I take fewer supplements and can exercise for 45 minutes without exhaustion on my treadmill, where 20 minutes used to result in fatigue. I have fewer occasions when I feel “wiped” and using setting 1 will settle headaches and/or toxic reactions. I have lost 10 kg in weight that climbed during my illness and my metabolism appears to be more normal. I have tested normal in blood iron tests, which have not been normal for 10 years in spite of iron injections, B12 injections and supplements.”

Chronic Fatigue E. Johnson-Brown

“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to Quantron Resonance Systems for making the QRS available. My partner has Diabetes, Alzheimer affect, Parkinsons and Hypertension. I took the information on the QRS to our physician to peruse before I ordered it. Since we were doing everything medically possible he said he saw no reason not to purchase it. I am proud to report that after 28 days on the QRS John’s blood sugar levels had dropped drastically and we are taking  the Lente insulin he was previously taking and has only taken coverage 5 doses during that time. Before the QRS we had been covering him with regular insulin 2-3 times a day! His blood pressure also dropped to a normal range and are consistent. We are cutting one of the blood pressure medicines to daily instead of twice daily. Our doctor was amazed at the results and will continue to adjust insulin and medicines as needed. Thank you QRS!”

Diabets, Alzheimer's, Parkinsons - S.P. (Age 73; Crystal River, FL)

“I am a participant in national senior level tennis tournaments for the last 12 years. As an intense competitor, and while entering menopause, my body was starting to respond with a lot of aches and pains. A stiff lower back, sore arm/shoulder, sore muscles were all becoming daily delights. After using the QRS for the scheduled time period, I have felt more alert with less pain than I have for 10 years. It is amazing how such an easy thing can do so much overall. Using the pillow helps a lot to focus on problem areas, especially lower back. Just standing up in the morning was an adventure. Now, no problem at all.”

Menopause and Sore Muscles - C. S. (Age 58)

“I had pain in my left hip for about 9 years. It started when I took lessons to learn to drive a motorcycle. I was very tense as I remember, and it was very strenuous for me to hold the bike up, address the bike, and then swing my right leg up and over to mount up. The pain became severe and always present.

After zapping with the QRS for a week, the pain was almost gone. I did not tell anyone (even my husband) because I did not believe it myself. During the next month I had various pains in knees, toes, thigh, etc. Some pain lasted only 2 hours one some days. These were new sensations for me. By November 4, 2001, on the same day we rode the motorcycle and raked leaves – no pain! I waited until now to fill this out because I wanted to be sure my pain was gone for good and it is gone! I kept a daily diary starting September 5, 2001, and as I look back, I am amazed at the number of various and different sensations I experienced.”

Chronic Hip Pain - J. B. (Age 65)