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We answered the questions that were curious.

In the research and clinical trials, more than 10,000 patients were treated with QRS and the absence of side effects was proven.

QRS is an ideal therapy to be applied as an adjunctive therapy. Examples include homeopathic, supplements, chemotherapy, drugs, acupuncture, massage, etc. The absence of side effects ensures that there is no conflict between treatments.

QRS normalizes the Ph and viscosity of the blood and therefore improves blood circulation. It also regulates the blood pressure. This means that a high blood pressure will become lower and a low blood pressure will become higher. This regulation of the blood pressure takes place during the first two minutes of QRS application. During the last six minutes, nothing much happens in regards to blood pressure.

  1. It takes about four weeks for the blood values to change.
  2. The partial oxygen pressure normalizes after about four weeks and then increases to above normal.
  3. The pH normalizes after three to six weeks.
  4. The percentage of cholesterol improves after three to four months – sometimes it takes longer.
  5. The calcium and magnesium mirror takes four to six months to improve significantly.

This means that QRS has to be applied for an extended period of time to obtain positive results. A clinical trial of 122 patients revealed that after four weeks of application, 67% no longer had symptoms, 30% had less symptoms and 3% had no change. It took up to one year to have a universally positive result with positive influences on even the worst cases.

With the help of dark field microscopy, it is possible to demonstrate that the clotting of blood, the formation of thrombosis, is decreased using QRS and clots that are present before treatment dissolve. This reduces the risk of stroke.

The application of QRS’ saw tooth wave signal transports of ions out of the electrolytic fluids and into cells. This is the only known method of achieving ion transport. It also enhances the ability to separate ions and in particular to stream the hydrogen ions. The hydrogen ions stream through the electrolytic fluids (blood and extra-cellular fluids) and bump into obstacles in the form of cell membranes. Calcium is bound to negative charges in the protein layer of the membrane. The positively. The positively charged hydrogen ions combine with the negative charges bonding to the calcium and release calcium ions. This causes calcium cascade. The calcium moves into the intercellular fluids and differentiates into cells requiring calcium (such as bone and nerve cells) or are removed to waste.
2 A result of the calcium cascade in the blood is that calcium deposited on the walls of the vessels is set
free. This is not an immediate occurrence but one that occurs over a period of six months or more. It
means that arteriosclerosis processes (narrowing of the vessels) can be stopped and reversed.
When the calcium arrives in the cell a series of positive effects are generated:
>> The macrophages of the cell are activated. This is an important component of the immune system. They dispose of cell refuse and eat pathogens (e.g. Bacteria).
>> Enzymes are activated, stimulated and controlled. In short, the metabolism of the cell is regulated.
>> Nitrogen monoxide (NO) is produced and it vaporizes into the blood. The blood vessels therefore
become larger (dilate) and the blood circulation improves.
>> Cell division or differentiation is stimulated. Differentiation means that every cell in the human body performs its own special function. Cancer cells are examples of cells that are not differentiated properly. This means that correcting the differentiation increases the number of normal cells.
>> Blood pressure sensors normalize the blood pressure. In the medulla oblongata, a part of the brain
on the extension of the spinal cord, there are vibration producers for the blood pressure which react
positively to the calcium effect of the magnetic field and lower or raise blood pressure.
>> Sensitivity to adrenalin and cortisone decreases.
>> The production of insulin is activated (provided that the cells of the islands of Langerhans which are responsible for the production of insulin are intact)
>> The channels (gates) in the cells’ membranes open which intensifies ion exchange.
>> The sensitivity of the nerve ends increase because the calcium, which is an excellent “prickle guider”, attaches itself to the nerve ends.
>> The fatty acid metabolism is normalized. Although some people may lose weight through QRS treatment, that does not provide an excuse for eating more.

It will take about four weeks of QRS therapy for blood values to change. It is necessary for this change to occur before the cause of the problem can be attacked by QRS. Consult your doctor with a view to reducing medication as the blood normalizes. In practice, you will feel when it is appropriate to reduce medication with your doctor, this process can be undertaken safely and gradually. It is emphasized that the time required may be four weeks but may take several months for some people.
The same advice is relevant for medicines in relation to cholesterol, etc.

The healing process is accelerated under the influence of the magnetic field. In addition, in the case of non-healing bone fractures, the callus forms and the bones set. A woman in Holland with a bone fracture for seven years that would not mend had the healing process set in motion after the application of QRS.

Under the influence of QRS, breathing deepens and the patient becomes more relaxed. In addition, the body secretes its own endorphin during movement that increases the feeling of pleasure. That has a very positive influence on patients who suffer from depression. QRS also does a good job of relaxing the muscles.

People, especially women, suffer from reducing bone density with increased age. Whilst there is enough calcium in the food taken, the body is unable to take it up. Indeed, there is a drain on calcium resources. QRS creates a separation of ions and the calcium cascade frees up calcium resources and makes it available to the bone structure. QRS will increase bone density and remove the pain that is a symptom of the complaint. The time frame for reduction of symptoms will depend on each individual’s metabolism and will be from several weeks to many months – but it will occur. After symptoms have declined, the treatment should be supported by well-aimed load bearing exercise.

Many over weight users report weight loss during extended QRS therapy. This is seen as a desirable result of treatment but not a major focus for QRS. The metabolism is stimulated, the user feels better and more active, nutrients are taken up and the detoxification process is promoted. Blood sugar levels are controlled and energy conversion is enhanced.

At time of writing, we have no conclusive scientific proof that QRS will heal or stop cancer. However, thousands of patients have been treated with QRS to good effect, generally as an adjunctive treatment.
Some reasons for the good effects of QRS therapy on cancer patients are as follows:
The activation of macrophages is a very important part of the immune system. It removes the toxic products that destroys the cells. Enzymes are activated. There is an improvement in the perfusion of oxygen and partial oxygen pressure.

A cancer cell is anaerobic so the oxygen may “break” the growth of cancer cells. The improvement of oxygen is probably one of the most important factors for the diminished side effects of chemotherapy. Cells are regenerated and restructured. General activity and detoxification of the body’s metabolism will facilitate optimum physical and psychological conditions. The recuperation of a cancer patient after surgery will be quicker.

Side effects of radiation and chemotherapy will disappear more quickly. QRS supports biological treatment of cancer.

The most important destination of biological treatment of cancer is the immune system, detoxification, substitution (vitamins, minerals & trace elements), and the correcting of the energy balance and the regeneration of cells.

This is where QRS can help to support the process. For common biological treatment, we use enzymes and vitamins as well as scavengers of free radicals, oxygen, and the mixture of cellular products (thymus, glands & spleen).

For the integrations of all products, the body needs the optimal functioning of the metabolism. There is a very interesting theory that explains the often surprising positive effects of QRS in cancer therapy. A young healthy cell has a trans membrane potential (TMP) of 90 mill volts. A cancer cell has a TMP considerably lower (25 mill volts).

According to Dr S.Goyrgu, “a cancer cell is a cell with an electrical deficiency”. At the same time, cells with low TMP are in the inflammatory state and the sources of pain signals. The TMP is the measure of the internal energy and the quality function of the cell. With an abundance of internal energy, the growing tumor cell must divide itself or perish. But one of the last memories of a cancer cell at the normal function is to “survive”. So the cancer cell must 4 divide itself more and more.

This could be the reason for an invasive attack and atypical growth of cancer cells. The QRS can induce the missing ionic charge and the cell is driven into a more energized state that will slow down or even stop the growth.

QRS seems to offer internal energy, thereby lowering the general entropy of the cancer cell. It acts as a stimulant and bio-energy to the natural functions of the body, including a boost to the immune system, creating order out of disorder and helping disorder to restore.

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